Getting Traffic

Paid Traffic

Traffic is not the problem. There are more than enough quality traffic for everyone to purchase. The key to mastering traffic is to pick one source and learn everything about it. Below, you will find a variety of traffic sources, each having it’s own unique customer behavior type and min deposits. Each traffic source requires you to find a different approach to get visitor attention, so pick one and stick with it. When you spread it out too early too quickly, you will not see any useful data to find the real winner.

Go over the list below, that we use for our business to get traffic to our offers.

Native Ads:


Cost Per Click:

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Media Buy


Social Media Ads:

Facebook Ad

Twitter Ad

Linkedin Ad

Pinterest Ad

Solo Ads (Email Ads):

–>>Exclusive Solo Ad Rolodex<<–

Solo Ad Groups



Traffic Vance

Media Traffic