2) Find Your Offer

Before you start building your site, choose a niche you want to work in!

You can choose a niche you enjoy learning or passionate about, but make sure that it already has a good amount of products or service in the marketplace you can promote or create your own. A good place to do your research is on amazon.com.

Some proven evergreen niche includes:
– Health (diet/training/supplement),
– Wealth (i.e. biz-opp/investing/credit)
– Personal Development (education/LOA)
– Relationship (Dating/Consulting/Advice)

How to easily research your audience:

–> Click Here For “Choosing Niche/Audience<–

Once you figure out your niche, we can start building your offer page aka your website.

You can build your own site from scratch or you can have it built for you.

The choice is based on how much you are willing to spend on both time and money:

Own method:

1. Buy a domain name, set up your own hosting, and install free CMS app like WordPress to setup a blog site. This is less money, more time.

(Check out my “Resources” page: Cost – $13/yr for domain + $5/m for hosting + $0 WordPress)

2) Use site builders like Clickfunnels that uses an app software which allows you to drag and drop widgets to build your site easily. This is more money, less time.

(Cost – $13/yr Domain name + $97/m for Site Builder )


1. Hire someone on Upwork to build a website and get it optimized the way you want it to look by showing sample pages. You can find cheap freelancers, quality freelancers, freelancers that are working with an Agency for a fixed price or hourly which will be determined by your contract. This requires a lot of money and time but you get professional help.

(Cost – anywhere from $5~$30/hr or $300+ fixed *More you pay, better the quality.)

2. Join affiliate programs that provide you a clone website with your tracking id, so all you need to do is sign up, get your link, send traffic.

(Cost – Free when you sign up at Clickbank / JVZoo/ Commission Junction/ CPA Networks)