5. Thank You Page

So a subscriber lands on your squeeze page and they submit their email address.  In the background (the visitor does not see this happen), the visitors email address is added to the AWeber database.  As this happens in the background, where does the visitor get sent?

The next page the visitor will see after they submit their email address is what we call a “Thank You” page.  This is a page where we thank the subscriber for signing up, and also receive our first chance to monetize this newly added subscriber.

There are many different ways to monetize a new subscriber on the thank you page.  The method I used for a very long time, and highly recommend if you are just starting out, is a method called clickbanking.  I will explain how clickbanking works in a later lesson, as first I would like to go over how the thank you page looks.

Here is an example thank you page:

Now you can notice that the first sentence lets the new subscriber know that the free gift they were promised on the squeeze page has been sent to their email address.  We want them to go and check their email for that information.  But first we want to take advantage of them while we have their attention.

Your thank you page is your absolute best place for monetization.  Why is this?  Because this is the only time that you get the attention of 100% of the people who join your list.  When you send emails you are lucky to get 5% of your entire list to open and read your email.  You get to have 100% of your subscribers see your thank you page… so that is why we monetize it.

The “Bonus Items”

The 3 free bonuses that you see on the page above are our monetization links.  This is how we’re going to immediately make back some of the money we had to spend to get the subscriber in the first place.  Remember, we had to buy solo ad clicks to our squeeze page in order to get the visitor, and therefore the subscriber who is now looking at this thank you page.

As I said above we would be using clickbanking to monetize.  The links that you will put on your thank you page will link to clickbanking partners which I will explain later.  The important thing to understand from this lesson is that you will have a thank you page with “Bonus Download” links on it, which subscribers can click on to visit other web pages.

Here’s an example of another squeeze page with “Bonus Downloads”, all of which simply go to clickbanking partners.

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