4. Autoresponder

Here’s a good question, what happens to an email address when someone submits theirs to your squeeze page?  You need some type of database to store your list of email address right?  That’s where an autoresponder comes in.

In fact, the autoresponder not only stores your email address, but it allows you to send emails to them too!  For reasons I won’t go into, you simply can not send emails to your entire list every day from your home computer.  As you get farther into this business you will accumulate an email list into the tens of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of emails.  You absolutely need some type of infrastructure to send these emails through.  The autoresponder provides that infrastructure.


GetResponse is considered throughout the solo ad industry to be the cream of the crop.  When you get to the point where you are sending tens of thousands of emails per day a question of deliverability comes in.  Deliverability is the ability to make sure the emails you are sending end up in the inbox of the email addresses you send to, and not their spam folder.

I won’t go into the specifics of how emails end up in the spam folder or inbox (it’s pretty complicated), but GetResponse is known to have the best deliverability in the business.  So therefore it is my recommendation.

In a future lesson we will discuss how to set this up.  But basically you will set up your GetResponse account to integrate with your squeeze page.  So that when someone submits their email address to your squeeze page, their email address will be submitted to your GetResponse account… and therefore be added as a subscriber.

The “Subcribers Today” and “Subscribers Yesterday” column is how many people who submitted their email address to my squeeze page today and yesterday.

The “Unsubscribed Today” column is the amount of people who unsubscribed from my list today.  This is what separates us from people who send illegal spam.  We must first entice people to give us their email address, and also at the bottom of every email is a button which they can click to unsubscribe from our mailing list.  And essentially no longer receive emails from us.

The “Total Subscribers” column is the amount of total subscribers I currently have in this GetResponse account.

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