3. Squeeze Page – Basics of Solo Ad Business

Hopefully now you understand the basic concept behind how I make money from email marketing.  I sell solo ad clicks to buyers, and provide those clicks by sending emails to my email list.  Now on the next step in understanding this process… how did I build my email list?

Short answer, by buying solo ad clicks.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this makes no sense.  I make a full time income by buying solo ad clicks to build my list, and then use my list to sell solo ad clicks?  I know, I know… it’s weird.  But let’s just go over this one by one and by the end it should all make sense to you.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is one of the primary parts of your solo ad business.  It is essentially how you are going to get people to sign up to be on your email list.

When you buy solo ad clicks from other sellers, 100% of the time you are going to want to send them to your squeeze page.

So you buy advertising to your squeeze page, usually about 30-45% of the people who land on your page will submit their email address, and they instantly become added to your list.  Easy enough right!

The reason people submit their email address on this page is because we are promising to give them free information in exchange for their email address.  We will send this free information to the email address that they supply.

Don’t worry… you won’t have to create your own product with information to give away.  This is actually a very easy part of the process that I will go over in a future lesson.

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