2. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of marketing products or services via email.  Practically every multi-million dollar corporation uses email marketing in some form or another.  The reason being because it is very effective.

The beauty of email marketing is that the average person like you and me can make a very reasonable full time income from just sending emails.  I personally know people who make over $100,000 per month just from email marketing!  That’s how powerful this is.

It’s not a very hard to business to get into, and once you understand the basics you can scale it up to whatever income level you want.

The type of email marketing that I want to teach you throughout this course is called Solo Advertisements, or Solo Ads for short.  Specifically in the make money online niche.

The solo ad industry within the make money online niche is a tight knit community of a few hundred full time Solo Ad vendors.  They are always welcome to newcomers as long as you run your business with integrity and honesty… and provide a good service, which I will teach you how to do.

So let’s get started shall we!

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