1. What Is A Solo Ad?

A solo ad, or a solo advertisement, is when you pay someone to deliver website traffic to your webpage via their email address.

When you purchase a solo ad you purchase in intervals of 100 clicks.  A click is when someone on the sellers email list clicks the link in the email which links to your webpage.  Let’s look at an example.

Jane Doe has just bought 200 clicks from me at the cost of $80.  She then provides me with the link to the webpage that she would like me to send the clicks to.

What I do on my end, is take the link that she has provided and write up an email which relates to the webpage I will be promoting.  I then send this email to my list, and I make sure that I get at least 200 clicks from my list onto Jane’s link, and therefore 200 people who see Jane’s website.

So solo ads are essentially just a form of online advertising.