Keep It Simple

In this world of online business, there are LOTS of information.

There are ENDLESS number of people who are joining the new rich (4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss).

The rich folks that have time, location, and financial freedom.

If you don’t think you can make ANY money online. YOUR crazy.

Amazon, eBay, Netflix….I can keep going but, they are making millions $/day.

You’re not going to compete or try to become like them but, they are just proof that money is being spent and made ONLINE.

The routes to making money online are endless.

If you like to talk a lot about your passion, you can start a blog, put some ads, and make money from just getting traffic.

Do you have a physical product? You can start an eCommerce business using Shopify or Magento and have an online store instead of renting out space at a mall.

Do you prefer to work with just links? You can do media buying, you can do affiliate marketing, you can do solo ads, mobile ads….there are just so many avenues that it really comes down to picking one and mastering it!

The business doesn’t change, meaning, a business is simply finding demand and supplying them in exchange for money. If there are people looking for something (hint hint tis why Google is a giant) and you happen to appear in their view FIRST, and some how convince them of your product or service, they become your customer.

The beauty of the internet, is that you can keep marketing to those same customers that just bought from you.

REPEAT customers.

You see why you want to get a business started online?

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