Getting Traffic


Traffic is NEVER the problem with online business. There are more than enough quality traffic for everyone. The key to mastering traffic is to pick one source and learn everything about it. Learn where the ads are being displayed, what gets peoples attention on that platform?

Below, you will find a variety of traffic sources we listed, each having it’s own unique customer behavior type and different min deposit to open an account. Each traffic source will require you to test and research the data to find out how to communicate your business effectively to your target audience.

Sticking to one traffic source until you get consistent leads and sales is the key and helps with your wallet too. When you spread out your ad budget too wide, you will not get enough data to find enough data. Stick with one source first, when it succeeds, put some of your eggs in other baskets.

Go over the list below, see what type of traffic appeals to your liking:

Native Ads:

These are ads that are usually displayed at the end of blog posts or “other related post” feed. Business opportunity offers and health offers work well when combined with blog type presell/advertorial page.



Cost Per Click:

These are your standard and basic search result ad display. You bid for certain keywords or pages and you place a bid for each one to target the best position of the search engine results page that they currently allow ads to display. Very effective for offers that provide a solution to questions people search on Google or Bing. Both of these also have unique audience demographics so do your research!

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Media Buy

These are banner ads usually displayed on website that allow these types of banners on their website. These banners can be displayed over a video or your ad could be a video that plays before a video they watch that is related topic. Very cheap traffic and provides volume traffic. It will be up to you to convert that traffic once they land on your page.



Social Media Ads:

These are so popular because these are the platforms EVERYBODY is on almost 24/7. Very very effective if you know how to create your ads to take them out of a “social” setting. If you can make your ad look like a regular post and get engagement, then these social media ad software will love showing your ads to people. Attention span on these platform is very short so you have to be creative to get their attention.

Facebook Ad

Twitter Ad

Linkedin Ad

Pinterest Ad

Solo Ads (Email Ads):

These are very very targeted traffic. You know what kind of audience you are going to be promoting your offer to. The vendor will usually tell you what type of offers convert best for their list. Remember not all list are built equal so even if you’ve read or heard good reviews about a certain solo ad vendor, that doesn’t mean your offer will convert. A buyers list vs a free product optin leads are completely different quality leads so prices should differ as well. is a solo ad vendor that we have been using time and time again to acquire new traffic for our offer and has never disappointed. They have a great support group so you can always contact them for any questions you may have.

TrafficforMe (Recommended)

Solo Ad Groups



These are pop up ads or intext ads that are displayed anytime the user uses a keyword or website you choose to target. The people who will see your ad have either installed a software or an app that displays ads either as an intext ad, where the keyword is hyperlinked to your landing page, or as a pop up window. Very cheap traffic, however, if you do not know what your doing, you can loose a lot of ad budget real quick with out much result. Tracking is key.

Propel Media


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