7. Rotator

This lesson will conclude the basic knowledge you will need in order to start setting up your solo ad business.  You may still have additional questions after this lesson, but I do not want to try and explain everything at once as there is a lot of unnecessary information I could go over.  Best to take things one step at a time.

Also… this lesson on explaining the rotator will definitely give your brain a slight workout… let’s get started.

The Rotator

A rotator is a single link, which links to multiple different links.  Try to follow me on this and I’ll break it down one by one.

As you know by now, clicks = cash in this business.  For this reason as a solo ad vendor, you need to maximize the amount of clicks you are able to send.

Let’s say that you have built a list which is able to send about 200-300 clicks per email, and the next client order that you have to fulfill has only ordered 100 clicks.  Now in this situation you would not want send an email to your entire list promoting this one client.  You would likely send them an additional 100-200 clicks which would be better sent to another client.

Now you could just send an email to half of your list, but this is still not very accurate.  You will learn as you begin building a list and sending emails every day, that it is sometimes hard to determine the amount of clicks you will receive from an email.  So we need an efficient and reliable way to send 100 clicks to this client, without sending too many extra and essentially wasting money.

This is where a rotator comes into play.

When I send an email to my list, I have a particular rotator link that I send in every single email.  So every single day I am sending the same exact rotator link to my list.  For my rotator link I use a program called ClickMagick (I will go into greater detail about ClickMagick in Phase One).

Inside of ClickMagick they have a friendly user interface.  With this user interface I can insert the links of my clients “inside” of a particular rotator link, in this case the rotator link I am using within my emails.

So let’s say I have 3 different clients.  The first client has ordered 100 clicks, the second has orderd 200 clicks, and the third has ordered 100 clicks.  Also for the sake of this example let’s say I am getting about 400 clicks per each email I am sending.

What I would do in this situation is put the 3 links into my rotator which can be done inside of ClickMagicks user interface.  I would tell ClickMagick that I want 100 clicks sent to the first client, 200 to the second client, and 100 clicks to the third.

Once I have set this up inside of ClickMagick (which I will explain in detail and with pictures in Phase One), I then send an email to my list with this rotator link.


The first 100 people that click on the rotator link within my email are going to get sent to client number 1.  Here’s where the rotator really maximizes the clicks I get from my emails… once the first client has received 100 clicks, the rotator will automatically “rotate” to the next client, and will now start to send all clicks on the rotator link to client number 2.

Once client number 2 has received 200 clicks, the rotator will now rotate again, and start to send any additional clicks it gets to client number 3.  So the rotator is a very powerful tool for maximizing the effectiveness of each click, so that no click goes to waste.

No Duplicate Clicks

Here’s another really cool feature of the rotator.

Let’s say that like in the previous example I am getting about 400 clicks per email.  But now I have a client who has ordered 500 clicks from me, along with other clients who have placed orders after him/her.

I put my clients links into the rotator, with the 500 click order at the first spot, and I then send an email with the rotator link.

My email gets 400 clicks which are all sent to the first order, which is good and as expected.  So the next day I send another email to the same rotator link.  From what we learned about the first 100 clicks should go to the 500 click order, and then the rotator should rotate to the next client, right?

That is right!  But with one cool exception.  Let’s say that with the second email a few of the people who click on the rotator link had also clicked on the rotator link in yesterdays email.  So these people have already seen our first clients webpage.

The really cool thing about the rotator link is that it keeps track of who has seen what webpages.  So for those people that saw the 500 click clients webpage yesterday, it will automatically send those people to the second client in the rotator… understand?

So with the second email, only unique visitors who have not seen client 1 will be sent to that client.  Anyone who had viewed client 1’s webpage yesterday will automatically be sent to client 2 (this is assuming that client 1 has not received all 500 clicks yet, or else all visitors will be sent to client 2).

This makes the rotator tool an extremely powerful and important part of the email marketing/solo ad industry.  And I hope that you have understood my explanation on how it works..

If you understand everything we have gone over in the previous lessons than awesome!  You’re ready to start getting your very own solo ad business setup!