6. Clickbanking

After the last lesson on the thank you page, I think it would be best to go ahead and go over clickbanking since I’m sure a lot of you are wondering exactly what that is.

When it comes to the solo ad industry, and the email marketing industry in general, it is important to continuously bring in new subscribers on a daily basis.  If you ever stop bringing in new subscribers your email marketing business will stall, or even worse will start to decline.


Hypothetical scenario which perfectly describes clickbanking:

You are building your list, and so am I.  We both want an efficient and trackable way to monetize our thank you page.  In order to fulfill both of these desires we decide to clickbank with one another.  For this example we will say that I have decided to go first in our “clickbanking round”.

What this means is that you are going to give me a link to your squeeze page.  I am going to take your link and put it on my thank you page as a “Free Bonus” download.  I will then proceed to send you 100 clicks from my thank you page to your squeeze page.

So my new subscribers are clicking a free bonus link on my thank you page, which is taking them to your squeeze page.  By sending you 100 clicks I am essentially sending you free clicks (always remember that clicks = $$$ in the solo ad industry), and those free clicks will turn into many new optins for you.

After I have sent you 100 clicks, I will then give you a link to my squeeze page.  You will take my link and put it on your thank you page as a free bonus download.  And you will then proceed to send me 100 clicks to my squeeze page.

Make sense?  This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize new subscribers.  You essentially use them to bring in even more new subscribers and grow your list very quickly.

The reason we call this clickbanking is because as I am sending you 100 clicks it is like I am putting cash into the bank (clicks = cash), and as you sending me 100 clicks in return it is like I am cashing out.

Clever eh? :)

CB is short for clickbanking.